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Dark Knight Rises Cards

Date posted: May 30, 2012
By Matt Cassidy

At the time of writing there has been no official announcement either way as to whether Topps will be producing a set of Batman cards around the Dark Knight Rises film due for release in July 2012. Fuelling the discussion online is the fact that Topps did in fact produce a set of cards for Batman Begin however did not for The Dark Knight.

This has the potential to be an amazing set with the last chance for a Batman auto by Christian Bale along with autographs and memorabilia cards by Tom Hardy and Anne Hathaway.

Unfortunately for collectors, however, I believe it is looking unlikely. Given that Topps did not produce a set for the Dark Knight film and there has been no announcement with only six weeks until release I don't think we will be seeing Dark Knight Rises cards from Topps.

There is speculation the Topps does have the license to produce cards for the film however I have also seen sources stating Topps have confirmed for them that they hold no DC licenses at this time.

Time will tell if this potentially unreal set gets released - in the mean time check out the existing Batman Movie Cards around to whet your appetite.

I'm keen to hear from anyone who has received any word from Topps or has spotted any press releases I've missed. Happy collecting!

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