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Batman Movie cards for sale on eBay

Batman movie cards have been produced for almost all Batman movies made since the 1989 Tim Burton movie. In fact it is this movie that we have to thank for the increase in interest of Batman trading cards in the late 1980's. This interest actually lead to Topps issuing a re-issue set of the 1966 Black, Red and Blue Bat cards!

Over recent years it has become common for autograph and memorabilia (patch) cards to be included in sets. This is a very exciting concept for collectors as it means you can own 100% authentic autographs or pieces of movie memorabilia (such as Batman's cape or a piece of the Batmobile from the Batman Begins film!) without having to pay a fortune.

Check below for heaps of Batman movie cards for sale on eBay right now. I also have dedictated pages for Batman Autographs and Batman Memorabilia that might interest you.

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