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Welcome to Batman trading cards online by Matt Cassidy. This site was set up to connect and share with other Batman cards and memorabilia collectors my knowledge and experience collecting Batman cards.

If you're looking to grow your Batman cards collection you'll find plenty of tips and links to awesome cards for sale online right now. Some examples are 60's Batman cards, Black, Blue and Red Bat cards, Batman movie cards, Gold Batman cards and Hologram Batman cards.

We'll also look at the Batman auto cards and costume cards available among heaps of other interesting topics in the Batman Cards Blog.

While the site will focus on Batman cards, I will also look at Batman comics, Hot Toys Batman Figures and other great collectables from time to time.

I'm always keen to hear from other collectors so if you have an interesting story to share or scans of your collection please feel free to contact me.


Why Collect Batman Memorabilia?

Anyone who grew up in the last 60 years would have spent time as a reading Batman comics, watching Batman TV shows or movies and playing with Batman figurines as a child.

Collecting Batman memorabilia reinvigorates these memories - especially if you now have a disposable income that allows you to buy items you once only viewed through plate glass!

On top of the great time you'll have growing your collection, Batman memorabilia will become an investment. As time goes by and items become more scarce the value increases.

With comics, cards, figurines and other memorabilia available since 1939, Batman has a wealth of awesome collectables available!

Dive into Batman Cards now to check out some of the awesome cards around now!


Featured Batman Card

1966 Black Bat #1

The current featured card is the 1966 Topps Black Bat #1 card.

I couldn't think of a better card to start off the featured Batman cards reviews than the #1 Black Bat Topps card from 1966.

This is a rare card to find in excellent condition but not one that is so rare you can't easily add one in good condition to your collection - read more...

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1966 Macleans / Weeties and Rice Krispies Batman Cards

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Batman Gold Cards

The 90's saw an explosion in inserts in the trading card world. Some of the most notable Batman card inserts are the gold cards that became very popular during this decade. There are some awesome cards available which will stand right out in your collection! Read More »

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