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A guide to collecting the best Batman trading cards


A bit about me, my collection and the website.

Hello and welcome to This site was born out of my enjoyment for collecting Batman cards and memorabilia. Since 2009 I have been running another website about other collecting interests of mine: Michael Jordan Cards. The interest I received through this site prompted me to put the work into developing a second site centering around Batman cards.

In these days of the world connected via the Internet I have found running websites to be a great way to meet and talk with fellow collectors. My previous site have taught me a lot about the community at large and I hope the achieves this also.

I also have a section where I will occasionally write about a featured Batman card and a blog where I will share some of my knowledge and experience garnered from my years of collecting trading cards. I don't sell any cards through this site myself – it is merely a discussion of Jordan cards and a connection of eBay listings.

I'm always keen to hear from other collectors and see scans of your cards so feel free to contact me if you have a story to share or would like help with anything.

I hope you find this website useful and good luck tracking down some awesome Batman cards to add to your collection!
Matt Cassidy