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60's Batman cards for sale on eBay

1966 saw the mainstream introduction of Batman cards worldwide. There were six individual sets produced and licenced worldwide which resulted in no less than 22 variations available.

I will go into further detail about each of these sets in future blog posts however for now the awesome array of sets you have to choose from include:

  • Black Bat Series (painted images with a black bat on the front)
  • Red Bat Series (painted images with a red bat on the front)
  • Blue Bat Series (painted images with a blue bat on the front)
  • Bat Laffs Series (featuring images from the Batman TV series)
  • Riddler's Riddle Series (featuring images from the Batman TV series with a riddle on the back)
  • Macleans / Weeties / Krinkle Cards (promotion cards for these products)

Each of the above sets are available as produced by varying companies worldwide including Topps, O-Pee-Chee, A&BC and Scanlens.

Given the age of these cards you can expect most to be in good to excellent condition with a few available in mint condition. In addition older technology in card production resulted in fairly poor centering across the board for these cards (though the TV series cards do seem to be on the better side).

Additionally, in 1989 the world's interest in Batman became re-invigorated due to the release of the Tim Burton film Batman which resulted in Topps re-issuing the Black, Red and Blue 1966 sets. These sets used the original artwork of the 1966 cards and are identical to the Topps 1966 issue with "1966 Deluxe Reissue Edition" stated on the back of the cards.

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